Reward schema

Bitcoin Rewards

The native currency of the bitcoin rewards is the satoshi (sat), which is the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency. You can read more information about it on the Bitcoin Wiki.
There are some requirements involving the rewards schema: - The publisher must deposit the game balance in order to apply rewards - There could be a monthly and daily custom limit in order to control each user reward

Understanding sessions

In Elixir we use the word "sessions" for the object that links an Elixir user with a videogame. Please note that there are two different kinds of sessions: session-claimed: For Elixir registered accounts session-not-claimed: For non-linked accounts. This kind of users must be requested to link their accounts using the rewardUrl magic link.


Elixir Games have a refund period of 15 days since the purchase. During this period, the user will not receive any reward on its Elixir account. The rewards will be stored at the session, and it will be available in that game for purchases. In order to claim these rewards, the user must desist the refund.

NFT Rewards

The tokenized rewards are NFTs running on the liquid bitcoin's sidechain. You can read more information about the unique properties of NFTs tokenized assets in our blog post:
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