Security Protocol

In order to securitize all our HTTP request we had implemented a hash signature protocol to validate every request. This signature will require a hash by the Game developer side that will include the body or query field and will be sent on the header by the id: x-api-signature also along with a timestamp, that will be sent separately by the id: x-api-time. These headers will be verified on the API side in order to validate the fields of the request.
The timestamp must be a type in millis

The hash will include the body object as a String
const signed_payload = timestamp + '.' + body.toString()
const hash = hashHmacSha256(signed_payload)
// The timestamp will be required as x-api-time
// The hash will be required as x-api-signature
For example:
// For the following body:
amount: 10
// Should obtain the following hash (will not work without our secret)
// For a body like: 1620656154162.{"amount":10}
x-api-time: 1620656154162,
x-api-signature: '06651332dd12340cba54b0e0ec1a8fed6b495823fd81a1cfae215f2b904fda10'

All GET requests will be signed just for protocol.
// With a URL as following url =
// The params in the hash will be params = /rewards/:gameId/session/:sessionId
const signed_payload = timestamp + '.' + url.toString()
const hash = hashHmacSha256(signed_payload)
See the following example:
// For a url:
url = '/rewards/0d3a01eb-73dd-4f7b-a81f-91aa0e7420c6/session/steamUser'
// The signed payload will be: 1620659326544."/rewards/0d3a01eb-73dd-4f7b-a81f-91aa0e7420c6/session/steamUser"
// We will need the following headers:
x-api-time: 1620659326544,
x-api-signature: '6d93520d0983f614f610987244435a65ab891deaaea7c5972ba8a1b14b21a811'

We provide a free license to Easy Anti-cheat engine for Elixir distributed in Elixir. Please contact tech support to provide you with integration docs
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