Version control
Uploading your Game Build
This process might not be very intuitive and we know it can be tedious to follow. Please be aware that we are currently working on a UX/UI refactor focused on simplifying this process. We apologize for the inconvenience
Update your game

The Master Branch is used for public release. Once a new version of the game has been approved and a new release is on the way. Users must create a new build on Master and upload there the Game Build in a new Depot.
We recommend to upload the Game Build to the TEST branch first in order to check that everything is running correctly before making it public.

This branch is used for closed beta access using Game License Keys. Publishers will be able to upload every new version of the game to test it internally or with the community before making it public.
This branch is also used for the pre-alpha versions when a game is not released yet.

(Coming Soon)

Every new Build represents a new version of the Game. So every time that a publisher wants to release a new version of the game, it is needed to create a new build, and then activate it. So users are forced to update the game to continue playing:
When the old build is active, users will be able to keep playing.
When a new build is activated. The players are forced to update

Builds in Elixir Platform are used for version control. Every new Build represent a new version of the Game. Creating a build is a simple task:
  • Choose your own version naming
  • Have control of which build you have active to perform new releases and rollbacks
Do not forget to activate the Build once everything is ready. Also, you can always de-activate it when you want to close the access to the game. Or perform a roll-back by activating older builds just by using the toggles:

If your Game Build ZIP is bigger than 5 GB you won't be able to continue from this step. Please, contact the Elixir Games Team to upload it for you. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Now that you have created a Game Build. Let upload the file so you can start playing it. For this you will need to configure the Depot: A configuration file that will include information about the Game File and how to execute it.
There are lot of fields in this Form, but you will only need to modify the Launch Command to make your game work.
  • Installation Path: Do not modify this path. We are planning on removing it from here for the next version.
  • Launch Command: It should follow a structure like "<InstallationPath>/<route to the executable file>". See Recommendations​

We recommend to upload a zip file made out of selecting all the files in the Game Build instead than doing it from a folder as follows:
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