Upload your game
Uploading a game on the Elixir Platform is extremely easy. Add bitcoin rewards & assets to your game within minutes
Elixir Publisher - Upload your games

1. Register in Elixir

Let's start by creating an account on the Elixir Publisher platform before uploading to the game. Registering on Elixir is quite simple, just go to and fill up your details.
You're going to need a username and a password the first time that you log in.

2. Upload your game ๐ŸŽฎ

Once you are logged on the Elixir Publisher platform, go to UPLOAD A GAME and then click on ADD NEW GAME at the top of the screen. The game upload process is divided into 4 sections:
  • Information: Fill the fields indicating the game type, descriptions, pictures, your logo & more details about your game. Don't forget to scroll down to add specificities about your game.
It's essential for you to choose the right pictures and trailer to illustrate it.
  • Builds: Add your game builds split into different tags to have different game versions & decide which branch you want for launch development & testing .
Upload the game build as a zipped folder.
  • Assets. Upload your in-game skins to create liquid-powered assets for your game.
Don't forget to check our video about the integration of NFTs!
  • Release: Select the build you want to publish, select a release date and go live!