Turn your assets into NFTs
On this guide we show you step by step how make NFTs from your in-game assets using Elixir Publisher Dashboard
Elixir Publisher - NFTs

1. Turn your asset into an NFT 💻

Start by selecting NFTs on the Elixir dashboard, select your game and click on ADD ASSET
  • Fill in the form with your NFT's description, supply, category.
  • Set a price for your NFT in the Elixir store.
  • Upload the graphic files (upload a picture of your asset, then upload the model in zip format and finally the FBX model)
  • Click on SAVE
If your game is in 3D, upload your model in GLB format so your NFT appears in a 3D view in the Marketplace and in the Elixir store!

2. Check your NFTs' details and properties

  • Click on the eyeicon to check your NFT's 3D view
  • Click on the pencil icon and on TOKENIZE ASSET
Wait a few minutes and click again on the eye icon and then on VIEW IN LIQUID EXPLORER to check technical properties (Block ID, number of issuances, issued amount and transaction types)
  • Click VIEW IN MARKET to preview your asset as it will appear in the Elixir Marketplace
The Elixir Marketplace is where users will trade their NFTs. It's essential to indicate in a user-friendly manner your NFT's properties such as: its total supply, circulating supply, popularity and price!
Last modified 3mo ago