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Desktop Auth

API protocol description and utilities for Desktop integration

Launcher AUTH

Each game will receive a rei key when launched under the -rei field. This rei key will be required to get the user session JWT on a separate request. The player session will be kept alive by the Game Developer using the Get Refresh Token request. JWT will be required Bearer Token on every request.
The following methods will be used only for Elixir Launcher Games to keep a user session.

Development Only

As described above, some will notice a dependency on Elixir Launcher to test the complete integration. But for local development, we facilitate the following endpoint, restricted only for Development Keys. That allows game developers to generate verifiable reikeys for development purposes.

Use your account

Note that the reikey generated with this endpoint will grant access to the Game Owner account. So any modification applied to this account (new username, new wallet, friends...) will be accessible in development mode. This accelerates integration and removes dependencies.

Support extra accounts

You can also log in with different accounts. To do so, you'll need to ask the Support Team to whitelist any of your developers and provide you with their playerId . Two use cases can be extrapolated from this utility:
  • For those games that need to log in several users to test multiplayer features or have an anti-cheat system that uses OpenID.
  • For bugs and tickets from your community. You'll be able to log in with bugged accounts to fix the issue.
Generate Reikey

Auth Endpoints

Get User Credentials
Refresh User token
Close Session