Create Tournament

Create the Tournament in the Elixir Launcher

Time to jump into the Elixir launcher. Even though you still need to implement it, don't worry about it. First, we will create a private Tournament for you to develop against it. Once everything is working, you can make it public and reset all mocked data.

Create a new Tournament

Navigate to the "Events" page and click "Create Event" in the upper right corner of the launcher. there you'll find all the info related to a game event.

If you don't see the "Create Event" button, please ensure you are logged in with your publisher account. Then contact support.

You'll find...

  • A switch to make it public. This switch should be disabled during the development/testing of the event and enabled once you want to "open" the tournament for the public.

  • A switch to set the event as a tournament. This will only be available if you have configured Tournament settings in the dashboard, and you're using the publisher account or the settings are marked as public in the developer dashboard in Step 1.

Once setting up your tournament, you'll be asked to submit

  • A prize pool with the amount of USD will be given out to the winners (optional)

  • A price Description: To better explain what the tournament reward consists of. (optional)

  • An external link with the rules of the tournament. (optional)

The tournament will use your defined score types and leaderboard settings to display the tournament leaderboard.

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