Test Your Quest

Test your implementation!

After creating a quest, you can assign it to yourself while it is in DRAFT status. This will assign your user this quest for you to test the server implementation:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu

  2. Click on "Self Assign"

Now, you should be able to see that quest in the Elixir Launcher:

  1. Open the Elixir Launcher

  2. Log in with your Publisher account

  3. Go to the Rewards Page > Quests tab

  4. Scroll to the Game Quest section, where you will find a carrousel with more than one quest containing your DRAFT quest with 0 trophies.

This quest will give 0 trophies but will allow you to test your server integration, and check that it is progressing normally. Once you have tested it, you can Submit your game for Review.

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