Elixir SDK for Unity is available at

Existing Git Repositories

This workflow is for games that use git as their primary version control system.

Getting Started

If you are already using git as the version control system of choice for your game, you will need to add ElixirUnitySDK as a git submodule.

  1. Navigate to the Assets directory in your game

  2. Run: git submodule add ElixirUnitySDK

  3. Verify that a file named .gitmodule appeared at the root of your game project folder, and that the Elixir SDK for Unity has been correctly pulled into Assets/ElixirUnitySDK

  4. This change will now be staged for a commit. Commit it by running git commit with a message. For example: git commit -m "Feat: Added Elixir SDK"


If you do not do this when you clone your game's repository, the submodule will not be correctly initialized

Working with git submodules introduces one extra step when cloning your repository on a new machine.

  1. Clone your game as usual: git clone YOUR_GIT_REPO

  2. NEW STEP: Initialize the submodules by running: git submodule update --init --recursive


If you do not pull changes from your repository correctly , the submodule will not be updated

To pull in all changes in your repository including changes in submodules you can run:

git pull --recurse-submodules

Updating Submodule

To fetch the latest changes from the Elixir SDK repository run the following:

git submodule update --remote

You will then be required to commit this change in order to persist the commit of the submodule that your game's repository is pointing to.

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