Create a Beta Code

Create Beta Codes

Let's get started by generating a few fresh beta codes so you can distribute to your community. There a few fields to complete to get started:

  • Label: The collection name for this batch of beta codes. Add a name you feel familiar with to remember it.

  • Number of codes: How many different beta codes belonging to this collection.

  • Number of uses por code: How many times a code can be activated by a user.

  • Custom Name: Add your own name for the code(s). Leave it empty to the code(s) are generated code keys random.

  • Temporary Access: Enable it to add an expiry date to create a temporary access pass for your users.

Manage Beta Codes

Manage an existing collection of beta codes. You can download in CSV format the entire collection of beta codes to distribute easily to your community. You can easily copy+paste or delete any individual code. View at a glance how many codes have been activated.

Soon you'll be able to receive an email alert when you're running out of codes.

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