Add a new Game

Uploading a game on the Elixir Platform is extremely easy. Let's get you onboarded.

1. Register as a Publisher

Let's start by creating an account on the Elixir Publisher platform before uploading to the game. Registering on Elixir is quite simple. Go to the and fill in your details.

Once you have created an account, contact our team to give you access to the Publisher Dashboard.

2. Create a New Game

To harness the full potential of our innovative game launcher, your journey begins with the creation of a game.

Sometimes, the Elixir Games team may already have created the game for you in advance. If this is your case, you can skip this point and go to point 3: "Edit a Game".

4. Set up

Once you have created a game, you will now be able to modify the contents. You must be aware that,

  • The editing process can be done in different stages: You can save the status of what you edited and continue with it later.

  • If your organization is sharing the publisher account with many members, avoid making changes simultaneously, as it may lead to overlapping errors and loss of information.

  • Once you are done with your game edit, you can proceed with point 5: "Submit your Game".

  • Then a Platform manager will review the content and evaluate if it qualifies for approval.

We have separated the game information into different sections:

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