Client Integration

Implement SDK

The integration and utilization of the Elixir SDK Auth constitute mandatory prerequisites for engaging with the In-App Purchases system. Eligibility for leveraging the In-App Purchases system is contingent upon the association of Elixir accounts with respective internal accounts.

Following the creation of a store for your game and the upload of several products, the next step involves implementing the system within your game.

Initially, it is imperative to ensure the integration of Elixir SDK. Only games with the Elixir SDK integrated will be granted access to the In-App Purchases system. This mandates the linking of the in-game user account to their Elixir Account.

The build uploaded to Elixir needs to disable the option to log out. This measure is crucial to guarantee the security and reliability of the In-App Purchases system.

Once the Elixir SDK, including the account linking, is seamlessly integrated into your game, you are primed to commence the specific overlay integration following the SDK docs.

Test your in-app purchases

For testing the In-App Purchases system within your game, our SDK Events simulator facilitates the replication of overlay communication with the game. This approach enables the game to respond appropriately to each event, enhancing the overall user experience.

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