Create a Quest

  1. Stat Requirement:

    • Games specify the stat(s) that users must progress to complete the quest.

    • Stats serve as quantitative measures of user activity or accomplishments within the game, such as kills, collectibles found, distance traveled, etc.

  2. Title:

    • Each quest is accompanied by a catchy and descriptive title that captures the essence of the challenge and encourages user participation.

    • Titles should be engaging and evoke curiosity or excitement to motivate users to undertake the quest.

  3. Description:

    • Quests include a clear and concise description outlining the objectives and requirements for completion.

    • Descriptions provide users with guidance on what they need to do to progress through the quest and earn rewards.

  4. Image:

    • Games provide an image to accompany each quest, enhancing visual appeal and recognition.

    • Images are displayed on the game quest card within the platform's interface, using a resolution of 500px x 400px for optimal display quality.

Example Quest

  • Title: "Dragon Slayer Challenge"

  • Description: "Embark on an epic journey to defeat the mighty dragons terrorizing the kingdom. Arm yourself with courage and skill as you venture into the dragon's lair and face formidable foes. Slay 10 dragons to prove your valor and earn exclusive rewards!"

  • Stat Requirement: "dragon_kills"

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