Utilize our API to access product details, seamlessly integrate in-app purchases within your game, effectively administer content access, and securely receive transaction information signed by Elixir Store. This documentation provides guidance on implementing these features for a streamlined integration process.

The integration and utilization of the Elixir SDK Auth constitute mandatory prerequisites for engaging with the In-App Purchases system. Eligibility for leveraging the In-App Purchases system is contingent upon the association of Elixir accounts with respective internal accounts.

1. Configure your Store

Create your in-app purchases store effortlessly by adding metadata, including product name, description, price, and currency, and submit it for review. Submit your products for review following our review guidelines. Additionally, generate essential in-app purchase keys to facilitate the processing of Elixir Store-signed transactions. This documentation guides you through the steps required for a seamless implementation.

2. Implement Elixir SDK

Incorporate in-app purchase capability seamlessly into your Unity or Unreal game. Our testing environment within the editor enables you to replicate overlay events, facilitating in-app purchase testing without incurring charges through test accounts. Validate your implementation by thoroughly testing each aspect of your code using your game to initiate in-app purchases.

For additional testing, explore your game and in-app purchases on the internal Develop branch.

3. Handle post-payment event

Receive the purchase status and validation in your backend system. Check the Elixir Store signature and appropriately allocate the items to the respective players. This documentation provides instructions on seamlessly implementing these backend processes for efficient handling of in-app purchases.

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