Get started with Elixir Gamer Service using our Unity and Unreal SDKs.

Click and play

Integrate Elixir inside your game for a smoother user experience: We believe that having a fragmented ecosystem with individual login forms creates a significant barrier for user onboarding that must be knocked down.

By integrating with Elixir Services, new players should be able to click and play your game: Our Auth Services provide user authentication and complement it with some of the Elixir features that grant easy-to-implement add-ons for your game.

Elixir Gamer Services

Merge web3 infrastructure with gaming by taking advantage of the Elixir Gamer Services:

  • Access Elixir profile. Get the Elixir user profile; access his wallet, username and profile picture to display it in your game

  • NFT Gating: Web3 is made simple. Import user NFTs inside your game and convert them to Skins, from native collections to cross-IP in any chain.

  • Elixir Tournaments: Host Elixir tournaments inside your game, making it social and competitive.

Elixir Gaming Services SDKs

Download the latest version of our SDKs, available for Unity and Unreal engines, for easy integration with Elixir or relate to the API documentation.

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