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Mobile Auth

Authentification request in order to get user credentials

OTP Login

The OTP login is based on a single login without a password. This kind of login is based on two steps:
  1. 1.
    A request to provide the sign-in code to the user via email
  2. 2.
    A second endpoint to verify the code.

Refresh Token

The login endpoint will provide several fields for the user session. The most important one is the accessToken as JWT that will represent the user identity on each request. This accessToken has an expiration time to protect the user's identity when he is out of the platform. If the user interacts with the platform, the session needs to be refreshed to get a new accessToken The API uses a refreshToken to prevent users from entering the OTP Login several times: The client needs to save the refreshToken obtained from the Login and use it to refresh the user access token (JWT) This way, the client can save the last valid refreshToken for the future and obtain the user credentials. Avoiding the login step.
OTP Login Request
OTP Login Verify
Refresh Session
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