This endpoint retrieves OpenId information of users. It validates the JWT generated by the SDK and provides the following Elixir-specific data:

  • ElixirID: A unique, unchangeable identifier within the Elixir Platform

  • Username: The user's Elixir nickname, displayable in-game

  • Wallet: The user's wallet linked to the game's blockchain network

For games with existing User entities and account credentials, it's advised to add a "Link Account" feature. This pairs the ElixirID with your User Entity, requiring a one-time setup, enabling users to use their native game accounts when accessing through Elixir.


Use this endpoint to access NFT collections specified in the Elixir Dashboard. It serves as NFT gating, allowing retrieval of all NFTs owned by the user in these collections.


Integrating this SDK provides a comprehensive tournament tool. This method enables the game client to access all Elixir tournaments available for the game. Coordination between the game backend and Elixir configuration is necessary.

Refer to the Tournaments API documentation for more information.

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