Add a Stat

The stats are used to track specific user actions or achievements that contribute to quest progression. Stats serve as quantitative measures of user activity or accomplishments within games, allowing for dynamic and personalized quest objectives.

  • Games can define custom stats relevant to their gameplay mechanics and quest requirements.

  • Examples include "kills", "collectibles-found", "distance-traveled", etc.

  • Each stat corresponds to a specific user action or milestone that contributes to quest progression.

Stat Naming Convention

  • Choose descriptive and intuitive names for stats that accurately represent the associated user actions or achievements.

  • Use consistent naming conventions to facilitate easy integration and understanding across games.


  • Quest Objective: Defeat 100 enemies.

  • Associated Stat: "kills"

The Stats feature in the Quest System offers a flexible and versatile framework for tracking user progress and enabling dynamic quest experiences within games. By defining custom stats and integrating them with quest objectives, game developers can create engaging and immersive gameplay scenarios that incentivize user participation and advancement.

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