NFT Collections

In this guide, we show you step by step how to import NFTs collections to the Elixir Platform, to be used with your game.


You, as the game developer, would like to know which NFTs (if any) the current player of your game own, in order to adapt their game experience accordingly. We, as the Elixir platform, hold the information about registered users you care about, like their username, avatar, and wallet addresses of the blockchains your game is interested on, for example.

By "importing" or defining the NFT collections your game supports in some way, Elixir will import the collection artwork and description, and will provide your game with the list of owned NFTs of the player for each of those collections via the User NFTs API.

You can import your personal collections, or even use existing third-party NFT collections to provide Cross-IP game characters or other goodies for hodlers.

If your NFT collection has any type of staking process which involves temporarily moving the NFT out of the user wallet, we got you covered as well with our NFT Staking Support.

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