Handle Balances

Step 1: Allocate Credits in a Game

Similar to the Gas Manager account, a Game can have both Allocated Credits and Available Credits. It's at your discretion to allocate credits across networks as needed

  1. Click on a Game to navigate to its Game Page

  2. Click on the "Manage Game Credits" button

  3. Select or Type the amount of credits you want to allocate in that game from your available balance

Allocating a balance to a specific game will deduct that amount from your available balance. This allocation belongs to the chosen game and cannot be utilized for other games unless you decide to reallocate it.

Step 2: Distribute Credits between Networks

The credits allocated to a network will be consumed from the fees incurred by users during their interactions with crypto in-app purchases.

  1. Navigate to the Game Gas Manager page

  2. Click on the Gear button of each network

  3. Select or Type the number of credits that you want to transfer into a network from the Game's available credits.

Handle Allowlist

  • Whitelist: All users who have purchased your game will automatically be added to the whitelist. Users on the whitelist will then be eligible for gas fee sponsorship.

  • Blacklist: To prevent gas fee sponsorship for a specific wallet exhibiting malicious behaviour, you can add it to the blacklist.

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