Reward Center

Welcome to the Reward Center Integration Guide!

This document provides game developers with insights on how to integrate the Reward Center into their games to enhance user engagement and provide exciting rewards for players. Let's dive in!

What is the Reward Center?

The Reward Center is a feature-rich system within our platform designed to reward users for their engagement and achievements in games. It offers various rewarding mechanisms, including the Season Pass, trophies earned in quests, and participation in raffles. Enjoy our Help Center guide through.

How to Integrate the Reward Center:

  • Design quests within your game that contribute to season pass progression.

  • Report user progress to the Reward Center API to update the season pass level accordingly.

Benefits for Game Developers:

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The Reward Center incentivizes players to engage more deeply with your game by offering enticing rewards and progression opportunities.

  • Retention Boost: By providing a rewarding experience, you can increase player retention and encourage long-term commitment to your game.

  • Cross-Promotion Opportunities: Integration with the Reward Center opens up opportunities for cross-promotion within the platform, exposing your game to a broader audience.

Key Components:

  1. Season Pass:

    • Users progress through the Season Pass by completing quests and achieving milestones.

    • Each level unlocks exclusive rewards, motivating players to engage with the game and the platform.

  2. Trophies:

    • Trophies are earned by completing quests, whether they are platform quests or game-specific quests.

    • They symbolize player achievements and contribute to their overall progress within the platform.

  3. Raffles:

    • Raffles provide users with the chance to win exciting prizes such as NFTs, tokens, and other gaming rewards.

    • Players can participate in raffles by redeeming tickets earned through the Season Pass or other means.

Integrating the Reward Center into your game is a fantastic way to reward players for their dedication and accomplishments, fostering a positive and rewarding gaming experience. By following the integration guidelines outlined in this document, you can create a more engaging and rewarding experience for your players while driving retention and growth for your game.

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