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Download the SDK from the link below
Elixir Unity SDK

Quick start guide

1. Download the package and import it into your project.

Unity - Import a package

2. Before the game starts call to Elixir.ElixirController.StartElixir( “APIKey”, “GameID” ) somewhere in xdsyour code; you will need an APIKey and a GameID, you can take them from the Elixir Backend.

You might need a new scene for this.

3. Wait until Elixir.ElixirController.isReady equals true and start your game

Unity - Start your game

4. To ask for the balance of the user, use Elixir.ElixirController.balance. You can set a callback using Elixir.ElixirController.OnBalance += (balance)=>{}; it will be called every time balance is modified.

5. To add Satoshis to the user, call to Elixir.ElixirController.BalanceAdd(amount);

6. To subtract Satoshis to the user, call to Elixir.ElixirController.BalanceSubtract(amount);

7. You can save on the cloud all the data inside the structure UserData (Assets/Elixir/UserData) calling to Elixir.ElixirController.Save();

Mind to keep your UserData class modifications if you will update the SDK.
Unity - Save UserData
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