Error Codes
Here you will find a description of all error codes returned by the API

Error Format:

The errors returned by the API will respond to the following format. Where the code will provide information to the developer using the API as may be found on this page. But also, there will be provided a gamer-friendly message to display if needed.
"error": {
"status": <HTTP code>,
"code": <elixir_dev_Code>,
"message": <user-friendly message>


Here is an illustrative example of a refresh token request with a not valid refreshToken.
"error": {
"status": 400,
"code": "6101",
"message": "Unable to verify session. Please reload the game"
1000 - Publisher not found: There must be some kind of mistake with your API key relation with the publisher account of Elixir.
1001 - Game not found: The specified gameId does not match any game in the system
1002 - Game does not correspond with the publisher: The API key does not correspond with a publisher of the game specified.
1003 - Not enough balance in Game: There is not enough balance in the game to proceed with a reward, you will need to make a deposit.
2001 - Game param missing: The gameId specified in the route was missing or did not arrive at the API
2002 - Session param missing: The sessionId specified in the route was missing or wasnt received at the API.
2100 - Game Id not valid
3000 - Session not found: The system was unable to find or create a valid session.
4000 - Asset not found: There is not an asset in the system under that assetId. Plase make sure that your asset is Published.
4001 - Asset does not correspond to game: The specified assetId does not belongs to the specified gameId
5002 - Sessions variable missing: Array of session Ids is missing.
5003 - Amount variable not specified: amount body param was missing.
5301 - Daily reward limit reached
5302 - Monthly reward limit reached
5004 - Assets variable missing: Array of asset Ids is missing
5005 - Storage variable missing
5202 - Invalid value form. The externalId and sessionId must be alphanumeric or a UUID, and it cannot be null
6001 - JWT not authorized
6002 - Rest Signature not valid
6101 - Refresh token not valid
6102 - Refresh token missing
6200 - Rei key not found
6201 - Rei key not valid
6203 - Rei key expired
6205 - Rei key already activated