Upload your game

Uploading a game on the Elixir Platform is extremely easy. Let's get you onboarded

1. Register in Elixir

Let's start by creating an account on the Elixir Publisher platform before uploading to the game. Registering on Elixir is quite simple, just go to and fill up your details.
Once you have created an account, contact our team to give you access to our Developer Dashboard.

2. View your games 🎮

Please be aware that we are currently working in a UX/UI refactor in order to simplify this process
Once you are logged on the Elixir Publisher platform, you can navigate to the Games tab in the navigation bar from the left side of the screen. From there, you will be able to manage all your games and upload new ones!
Elixir Dashboard. Click to see full Image

3. Create a New Game

Maybe, the Elixir Games team has already created the game for you. If this is the case, you can skip this point and go to point 4: "Edit a Game". If this is not your case, all you need to know when creating a new game is:
  • Name: The Game name must be unique in the Elixir Games Platform. Please introduce the Game name just how you want it to be displayed in the platform. Avoid using non-alphanumeric characters
  • Blockchain: If your game uses a different Blockchain from the ones available, please select a similar or its Layer 1 blockchain and contact the Elixir Games support team. Then we will be happy to add this blockchain to the platform. You can edit this field in the future (if not, please contact support)
New Game Modal

4. Edit a Game

Once you have created a game, you will now be able to modify the contents. You must be aware that,
  • The edit process can be done in different stages: You can save the status of what you edited and continue with it later.
  • If your organization is sharing the publisher account for many members, avoid making changes at the same time, as it may lead to overlapping errors and loss of information.
  • Once you are done with your game edit, then you can proceed with point 5: "Submit your Game".
We have separated the game information into different sections:


Here you will be able to modify the game information. We recommend to follow Monstropoly Game Page reference. This Information will be displayed in the Launcher Game page as follows:
  • Name: Will be displayed in caps. Avoid entering long game names
  • Headline: Short description + call to action of the game
  • Game Info: All relevant game information for the customers
  • Description: All information about what players should expect about your game: Lore, Game Modes, Personalization, Interaction with NFTs, Tokens...
Elixir Launcher Game Page. Click image to see info


The Media section allows publishers to upload all the content that will be displayed in the Game Page:
  • Images: Visual Arts + Gameplay pictures. Resolution: 1920x1080 px
  • Icons: Game card image, including the Game's name. Resolution: 512 x 576 px.
  • Videos: Video trailer of the Game. Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px (mp4 or webm)
  • Publisher Icon: Company Logo. Resolution: 256 x356 px. (Removed temporarily due to refactor duties)
Here you can see the relations between the published media containers and the Launcher's Game Page:
Relations between media and the Launcher's Game Page. Click to view full wide.

Language & Social

Here you can provide more information about the Game languages supported. And also here is the place where you can add the social media links of your game.
Please be aware that we have removed the Facebook reference. This should be fixed for the next version. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Your social links will be displayed in the Game Page as in the Image.


Here you will be able to provide useful information about the technical requirements that your game requires to be run on a PC. In case that you don't see the computer specifications that your game requires, please contact support and we will add it as soon as we can.
Game Specifications will be displayed in the Launcher as in the image below